The first FSC certified wood house

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Villa Wenneberg – The first FSC certified summerhouse. Build of wood, wood and wood.

Cradle to Cradle. New Nordic Simplicity. 


TASK                    Sustainable summerhouse build of wood, wood and wood.

CLIENT                Signe Wenneberg

LOCATION           North Zealand, Denmark

STATUS                2013-2014


TEAM                   Erik Juul, Kirsten Ibsen Kure, Kevin Baily

                               Contractor: Tisvilde Byggeservice 


PROGRAME      A summerhouse designed according to the Cradle-to-Cradle principles. Liftet from the earth so the landscape can pass under and keep the bio-diversity. It´s assembled using old Nordic craftsmanship technique.  No nails or screws. Only assembled by wood so it can be detached piece by piece. And even the insulation was made of wood. Signe Wenneberg made a book and a TV show about the house. See more:


-        First FSC certified summerhouse

-        Assembled with wood dowels. No nails or screws

-        It can be dismantle piece by piece

-        Made of wood, wood and wood

-        Wood insulation

-        Wood roof  tiles made of Rubinie



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