“Haus Werk“.  Small town house in Copenhagen 

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“Haus Werk“.  Small town house in Copenhagen

- 3 boxes stack on each other creates a spacial complexity on a limited area.  


TASK                    New modern townhouse.

CLIENT               Werkstette A/S

LOCATION        Copenhagen, Denmark.

STATUS               Idea.  2016-2017


TEAM                   Erik Juul, Josefine Rita Vain Hansen, nor3d (3D rendering).

PROGRAME      A concept for a small townhouse (4.5 m wide) that can be used both, as an office, or as experimental one ‘family house. The glass façade is covered with different plants that attract bees and birds and thereby help to increase bio-diversity in an urban environment. And the plants would filter the sun-light.


- From 1. floor to 4. Floor it´s one big room.

- In this room we stack tree wood boxes.

- This creates a complex and flexible space.

- Contact from 1. To 4. floor.

- Spatial complexity with in a limited area.

- An experimental way of living. 

- Minimalism that creates architectural maximalism. 

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erik juul