Jagtvej 69 - Homeless housing for young people


Urban Garden and Housing to provide turning point for Copenhagen's Homeless.



erikjuul in collaboration with WE Architecture have been awarded a commission to transform a vacant lot at Jagtvej 69 in Copenhagen into a urban garden and housing structure that could provided temporary accommodation for homeless people, helping them to turn their lives around.

It´s a place where housing and green gardens create a platform for the meeting between locals and homeless, and a path for a new beginning.

To facilitate this interaction between the community and its homeless members, the design takes the form of an armature housing a series of modular containers, each designated for its own specific activities. In addition to bedrooms, the containers would provide a wide range of activities such as kitchens, dining spaces, offices, living rooms, and even a yoga studio.

Based on a simple scaffolding system, the concept is for the structure to be flexible, with the ability to add new features and change according to new needs. In the future, the project could be completed dismantled, and moved to a new site that needs help.


TASK                    Developing a concept for homeless people and and urban farming

CLIENT               “Vendepunktet”

LOCATION        Copenhagen, Denmark

STATUS               Idea


TEAM                   erikjuul-architects, WE architecture


- Architectural Lego-bricks.

- The space between Lego-bricks is more important than the space inside the Lego-brick.

- Scalable architecture.

- Temporarily architecture.

- Container architecutre.

- Architectural quality on a limited space and within a limited budget.  

09_we-architecture_model kopi.jpg
erik juul